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  • David Gumpert (class of '69) speaking at Food Rights rally at FDA headquarters in Maryland

    04 November 2011 ( #Uncategorized )

    I spent Thurs (Nov. 3) writing a post for my blog (www.thecompletepatient.com) and a chapter for my upcoming book on food rights, reflecting on a speech I gave two days earlier (shown in photo) at a rally in front of FDA headquarters in Silver Spring,...

  • Just another day at the office...

    04 November 2011 ( #Uncategorized )

    And I could never tire of calling 30 Rock "the office." Chiara Sottile, J'11 @casottile News Associate, NBC News Sent from my iPhone

  • Snow in Tahoe

    06 November 2011 ( #Uncategorized )

    The second snow of the season falls outside my home in South Lake Tahoe where I am the sports editor of the Tahoe Daily Tribune. My wife, who I married a couple months after graduating, looks at the photos she has taken. @jproudman #cj11 Sent from my...

  • Untitled

    04 November 2011 ( #Uncategorized )

    Ina and Anna on the ny subway going to sign our contract with the world policy journal for an article we wrote about Catholicism and sex Ed in Latin America Sent from my iPhone

  • First time in the Oval Office

    05 November 2011 ( #Uncategorized )

    While we made fun of how extremely excited the Norwegian PM Jens Stoltenberg was to be invited to the White House for the first time, the Norwegian press corps was just as excited as we fought our way through the narrow doorway to the Oval office, struggling...

  • On location in Chicago

    05 November 2011 ( #Uncategorized )

    - Nick Pandolfo, J'11.Chicago skyline from my taxi while heading from one school to another, where I'm on location reporting on the digital divide in schools for The Hechinger Report.

  • Class on the water in Virginia

    05 November 2011 ( #Uncategorized )

    YORK RIVER STATE PARK, Va. -- Dave Lawrence took this photo of Virginia Commonwealth University wetlands ecology students listening to a lecture by Professor Ed Crawford while moored along the remnants of the old Taskinas Trail. This portion of the trail...

  • New Dreams Centre in Doha

    05 November 2011 ( #Uncategorized )

    On Thursday morning before heading to my shift as a web producer at Al Jazeera English, I drove down to the Industrial Area, located southwest of Doha. En route to the car inspection facility, I spotted a storefront that captured the paradox of life here...

  • David's Cafe in South Beach

    04 November 2011 ( #Uncategorized )

    Best Cuban coffee in Miami, sweet poison. Add a few ham croquetas, guava pastries and empanadas and you're off to a great start of your day at @UnivisionNews - Nuria Net

  • Promoting the opening of a new children's hospital

    04 November 2011 ( #Uncategorized )

    When you're in charge of Public Relations for a huge university medical center, the opening of a new hospital means a lot of planning and communications effort over several years. But today, one month ahead of the day when our new CS Mott Children's Hospital...

  • Wild Saturday Night

    06 November 2011 ( #Uncategorized )

    A Wild Saturday Night at the New York Times Sarah Maslin Nir, staff reporter and columnist for the New York Times @SarahMaslinNir In this photo, taken just before midnight on Saturday Night, Nov. 5, I am at my desk at the New York Times writing a round...

  • Performance art journalism on the Lower East Side

    05 November 2011 ( #Uncategorized )

    Gerry Visco on the job at Eastern Bloc on the Lower East Side taking pictures and being crazy!! Performance art journalism at work. Gerry Visco www.gerryvisco.com http://www.flickr.com/photos/gerryvisco/ http://twitter.com/gerryvisco http://www.youtube.com/user/gerryvisco...

  • First week on the job

    04 November 2011 ( #Uncategorized )

    Just started as a copy editor at Black Enterprise magazine. @ashleycalloway J'11

  • Sweden, two weeks a month

    06 November 2011 ( #Uncategorized )

    This is the view from my office at home here in Sigtuna, Sweden. Spend 2 weeks a month here and the others working in Africa, primarily. Nice mix. Tim Vickery

  • Getting some joe in Boston

    04 November 2011 ( #Uncategorized )

    En route to teaching, the day usually starts with a bagel and coffee at the local shop. Sent by @bessiejking, class of 2010. Bessie is currently working as an adjunct digital media professor and freelancer. Best of luck Irena! Will send better images...

  • Covering violence in Juarez, Mexico

    07 November 2011 ( #Uncategorized )

    Hi A photo from Juarez while reporting on how the drug-related violence is affecting youth in Mexico's most violent city. For the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. - Susana

  • My desk looks empty

    04 November 2011 ( #Uncategorized )

    We are launching Univision News, an english media outlet which covers Latin America and US immigration, politics, etc. At least Snoopy keeps me company in Miami. @conz '11

  • book launch in Manila

    09 November 2011 ( #Uncategorized )

    I am currently Associate Professor of Journalism at the University of the Philippines and it's the first week of the second semester of the academic year. In this photo, I am at the Manila International Book Fair for the launch of "Media and Culture:...

  • Foto Week DC

    05 November 2011 ( #Uncategorized )

    @JMPyper and Lacey Johnson both #cuj11 rockin' Foto Week DC. Noteworthy: picture taken by award winning photo journalist Gabriel Ramero (taken with camera phone) Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

  • Shakira Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Ceremony

    11 November 2011 ( #Uncategorized )

    On Tuesday I attended Shakira's Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremony. She is the first Colombian to get her name on the walk. That got us wondering how minorities overall were represented on the walk. According to our count, the figure is 3.4% for Hispanics...

  • Updating the NBC Nightly News website

    04 November 2011 ( #Uncategorized )

    Just another day at 30 Rock @beckybratu J ‘11

  • Copyedits due amid kids in Boston

    04 November 2011 ( #Uncategorized )

    My final proofreading of my novel is due next week. It took five years to write, working around five kids and freelance writing. Learning the business of book publishing was a far cry from newspapers and magazines, and social media was a huge part of...

  • Chinese traditional medicine, anyone?

    04 November 2011 ( #Uncategorized )

    It's already Friday morning in Hong Kong. On my way to an interview, I walk past this stand everday to take the subway. There are thousands like this in Hong Kong and China. @Helene_FR

  • Flying Again in DC

    04 November 2011 ( #Uncategorized )

    Trisha Creekmore (Smith), J95, Washington DC. This photo is from TSNY DC (Trapeze School New York Washington DC). This is my first day back on the flying trapeze rig six weeks after my second to last double mastectomy reconstruction surgery. I was diagnosed...

  • At the UN: Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown

    05 November 2011 ( #Uncategorized )

    Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown speaking at the UN General Assembly on the launch of the "International Year of Cooperatives." Each fall, I cover the General Assembly as a public information officer. Great fun! - Anna Shen, J'93

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