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My Desk on Nov 3 2011 - Drusilla Menaker '79

November 4 2011, 16:02pm

Posted by Dru Menaker


Thinking about Mozambique from Nyack – I am just returned from a planning trip to Mozambique and am now at my Nyack, NY, desk, surrounded by papers and ideas, to design a program that would strengthen the media sector there. My organization, IREX (www.irex.org), is a non-profit international development NGO that specializes in projects to provide citizens with more and better quality news and information and promote media freedom in countries in transition worldwide.

Drusilla Menaker, J ‘79

Senior Media Advisor and Director of Communities of Practice for Conflict, Gender, Youth and Technology

IREX (www.irex.org)


Dru Menaker

Director, Communities of Practice/IREX

Senior Media Advisor/IREX

Associate Director/IREX Europe

E: dmenaker@irex.org

T: +1 845 664 4729

Skype: drusillamenaker

Twitter: @irexmedia @drumenaker



Make a Better World: www.irex.org/donate

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